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lachenal new model tenor


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lachenal english ebony ended new model tenor

excellent 6 fold bellows

very large,but very responsive reeds

concert pitch

interesting bassoon/oboe type sound

excellent condition apart from a few of the buttons have the tips worn off at angle.

range is from c below mid c to the fsharp above the c above mid c...30 something buttons

would like to swap it for a very good treble,maybe brass reeded....

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any trebles available for swapsies Jim?

I'm afraid everything else is on hold while I try to work out something non-concertina.


If you still have it a couple of months from now, I'll hope I might be able to arrange something.

But in the meantime I'll wish you luck in selling it to someone who will appreciate it.

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Do you have pictures of the instrument? I have two vintage trebles and I might want to swap one of them for a tenor or baritone. I haven't played any concertina lately, but more harmonica. So I could use a baritone (or maybe tenor) concertina to play simultaneously, but my trebles are not of much use to me at the moment.

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its got 35 buttons , if anyone's interested!!


You've got exactly what I have. It's transposing instrument. Laid out around the key of F maj. 5 tones down from Treble. Not a Baritone, which is 8 tones down.

A little odd if you want to play with others, unless you want to just learn to play it as is.

I use it as Treble that sounds 5 tones deeper. In this instance range is good enough for 90% of any type of music and if you play violin or flute arrangements, it doesn't have that annoying shrill of Treble. Very manly voice. The quality is outstanding. I wouldn't call it "very large" but it definitely wants to be played seated. If it's like mine, look and feel is awesome. Sound is very good.

Give us a photo and sound, my site with examples is down at the moment. But if you want, I can record something and post. It may help you.

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I meant that the reeds are "very large".....the concertina itself is slightly bigger than my baritone

The b flats are are in the outside rows, not the middle ones?

Like you say they are great quality instruments, and I played it for a couple of months non stop..transposing music down ,so that it fit into the 35 button layout.It makes an amazing sound....maybe I should keep it!!!!

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Hi, I might be interested in your tenor. I have a fine 48 key Aeola F-Tenor and I love to play it! But I could probably do with a second one... What kind of money are you looking for? Chris Algar recently put a box just like this one on ebay ( unrestored ), which didn't sell for 800!?! Juliette and I will attend this year's concertinas@Witney. Will you be there? Could we see you on the way? Please send pm!


( your mailbox seems to be full, I couln't pm you! )

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