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Any sessions in Boston?

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I will be in Boston between 19 and 24 of this month. I was wondering if there were any sessions during that period? If not I prefer to leave my instruments at home....


Hmm! Not trying to ignore you... was hoping someone would have an answer for you. I live in Massachusetts and am only about an hour from Boston, but probably don't even get there twice in one year! (I fear I am rather... provincial.)


I'm sure there are some pubs/taverns that have things going on, that would welcome a concertina. Some are a bit of a jog outside of the actual city of Boston, though, and public transportation isn't always so great.

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To elaborate about the public transportation --


Mainly what I mean by 'not that great' is that trains can be few and far-between if you must travel west about an hour from Boston, etc..


I would do much more in the city of Boston if it weren't so difficult to get to-and-from at convenient times. More than once, I've had to hurry up and catch the last train out of Boston to get back to my town after a concert or sports event or whatever. And, even then, my closest station is not close enough to me to walk to -- I have to drive to it, then get the train.


I could drive, instead, yes, but... ugh (shudder!).


As for the transportation right within the city and close area, it's much better, of course.

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Thanks Bellowbelle. I think I just take my wooden flute with me and leave the concertina at home. I will just see what is going around when I am there.

Here is the list of sessions in Massachusetts from thesession.org. It lists 3 in Boston itself, one inactive, but that excludes Cambridge, Brookline, etc., which are part of Greater Boston and readily accessible via local public transportation net.


But there must be members here who live in the area and can tell you more.

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I strongly encourage you to bring your concertina. There are sessions of varying levels every night. I attend a "slow" (but not really) session on Monday night, and there is a similar session nearby on Friday night. There is a great learning session in Groton on Wednesday night. http://www.thegrotonsession.com/ I would be happy to take you there if you are staying near downtown Boston. I live in Back Bay--essentially downtown--and am 15 minutes from the Monday night session. Last night (Tuesday) I went to a strong session in Ashland, a suburb, but also could have gone to another strong session closer on in Waltham. If you send me a PM, I will be happy to try to hook up with you, or at least steer you in the right direction for sessions. Where will you be staying? Alan Miller

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