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Alan Day/ Will Fly CD

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Will Fly (Mike) has compiled a CD of our joint Guitar/ Concertina Tunes

There are 24 Tracks which will include most of our favourites, solo's and Guitar/ Anglo Combinations

Some of the tracks you may have already heard some not.They will be £8 each including postage

For the full details go to http://www.mjra.net/La%20Luna/


Al :)

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Are you going to do any workshops or gigs in the near future?


Hi Michael - take a peek at: La Luna website - this gives details of what we're up to over the next few weeks. Other stuff will no doubt come in here and there.





There is a possibility that if I cannot get to Bradfield this Year (Will has a gig on the Saturday)that we may get an invite to the Royal in the Autumn or early next Year.


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