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Wheatstone 48 key treble EC


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For sale


Wheatstone 48 key treble English Concertina - s/n 28103

Ebony ended.

5 fold bellows.

Serviced 2.5 years ago by Steve Dickinson (Wheatstone & Co.).

Steel reeds.

Tuned concert pitch.

Original Wheatstone case.


This is a top quality concertina from the Wheatstone golden period.

Plays amazingly well, lightening fast action and reeds, wonderfully balanced, and is in superb well-maintained condition.


Bellows are in wonderful original condition, and appear never to have never been repaired.


All-in-all this is a nice clean instrument.


This was my main instrument until I got a Wheatstone Aeola tenor-treble - so I'm afraid it must go to a new home where it will be loved.

I'll be very sorry to see it go.


Please PM me for details, more photos, to arrange to come see/play it.

I'm based in Teesside, England.




PS a donation will be made to the forum if sold via the forum.

PPS The instrument may also be auditioned via Skype at a mutually convenient time - please advise.



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I thought about keeping this, but I really must trim the herd I've decided.

So I'm readvertising.

Any takers?

I'll accept £1800 for it (and of course I'll make an appropriate donation to this site).

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