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Yet Another Amplification / Microvox question...

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Sorry if this point has been covered before but I can't find any previous posts specifically related to this point.


I've also posted this on melodeon.net. Hope that's not bad form.



We've just purchased the M310 melodeon system and 2 M400s for use with a concertina. We used them for the first time, in a gig, last night and are very pleased with the performance. None of the feedback or noise issues that are regularly reported and a decent enough reproduction of the sound plus the freedom to wander round rather than stand in one spot pointing at a mike which, in itself, was worth the cost.


The only negative we've found is that the velcro is terrible! Both the large melodeon bar thingy and the two concertina ones spent the evening hanging by two or three little hooks, in spite of some rather assertive pushing together of the two velcro strips. Admittedly, they didn't actually fall off but it was rather disconcerting and, as a novice melodeon player, any distraction is most unwelcome.


So, to the point. I'm considering getting some magnetic strip and replacing the velcro with a magnet/magnet or magnet/steel arrangement. The specific question is (please forgive my ignorance if this is obvious) is the magnetic field likely to interfere with the functioning of the electret microphones? Also, more generally ... has anyone tried this and did it work?



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Have you contacted Microvox? Perhaps it's a faulty batch of velcro.


I've found velcro perfectly satisfactory for attaching this type of mic. I'm less happy about sticking velcro on the instrument, and for this reason I used cut-down pieces of velcro fixed to the wooden handles of my anglo, where they were less conspicuous and less likely to cause permanent damage to the finish. Even with the reduced contact area I had no problems.


I'm no expert but I shouldn't think magnets and microphones would mix.

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the hook side can get clogged with lint & debris, I periodically comb it out.

Magnets may work. The mic is a permanent electric field based, not magnetic, unless

you are moving the magnetic field it should not disturb the mic's field, however the velcro system

decouples mechanical vibration that may be imparted more by magnetic strips.

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The other thing to mention about the velcro on Microvox concertina mics is that you need to be a little canny in routing the cables once you've attached the mics.


If the full weight of the cable is hanging down and pulling on the mics, that can slowly loosen them as they move backwards and forwards whilst you're playing.


However if you make sure that the weight of the cable is supported (I play with the concertina resting on my left leg which is up on a stool, and make sure the cables also run across the leg), then you'll get much better results.

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