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Anyone with a Jeffries 30 Button C/G Anglo

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If any of you have a Jeffries 30 key anglo, I would like to get some dimensions please. Primarily,


(1) the distance (across the rows)- between the center of key C and the centre of key G, (I'm assuming that this measurement is constant for all cross row key pairs?)

(2) the distance between the G and E (left hand - middle row). (again I'm making the assumption that the vertical distances are all the same)

(3) the perpendicular distance between the centre of key G (left hand - innermost row) and the handbar.

(4) the height of the handbar.


Many thanks in advance to any Jeffries owners who can supply this information and apologies for the work associated with the request.

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I don't seem to have a Jeffries to hand to measure for you just at present, biggrin.gif but there are some pretty

square-on images of Jeffries ends out there in interweb land.


Given that the ends would be pretty much a regular hexagon, and assuming that the original would be 6 1/4" ATF, getting to most of the measurements you want shouldn't be too tricky.


(No help with the handbar height, sad.gif but I think this has been discussed on c.net in the past, as has the handbar to middle button measurement.)

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I haven’t got a 30 key C/G Jeffries but I do have some measurements for a G/D and an Ab/Eb which I’m afraid won’t help you much.


The short answer is that the measurements between the rows are not a constant, neither is the dimension between rows and handbar and neither is the handrail height. If you look at any of the pictures, you’ll see that the rows are set out along a slight curve and that the handrail is straight. What’s not so obvious is that the curve is tighter at the thumb end than at the little finger end – although even that isn’t totally consistent; some buttons are closer than others.


The vagaries of 19th century manufacture!


Alex West

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