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ICA Magazine #445 just out

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I got my copy and tunes book yesterday. Nice articles and reviews and link to the new look web site.



In the reviews Topic CD reissues of 1982 Steel Skies by Ali Anderson et al. Saydisc reissue of Dave Townsend 1985 Portrait of a Concertina . Topic Scan Tester 'I Never Played to Many Posh Dances'

Harry Scurfield's review of 3 recent Irish CDs, Claire Keville, Tom Carey ( has a big section missing sadly, anyone know what it saidunsure.gif ??) Third album 'The Humours of Tulla double CD music from East Clare.(Tulla Branch of Comhaltas Ceoltóiri Eireann. (These last 3 All from Custy's Ennis )



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"Tom Carey, from Cree (West Clare), had his first concertina lessons many years before Claire Keville was born, and this CD is long overdue. I once found myself in Crotty’s pub in Kilrush and gradually realised that the gentle man next to me, playing a battered Jeffries, was the same fine player I had many years earlier heard on a Free Reed recording! Time has not weakened Tom Carey’s style since the release of those 3 tracks. The tunes are very much from the heart of the tradition, and there is a light but determined pulse to these jigs and reels (with one slow air and a hornpipe), which, sprinkled with some “same direction” decorations give a dancing lift to the playing. The bellows use, and the variation from legato to more staccato passages add to a certain sense of urgency, particularly on the reels, though the playing never races out of control, and always has a rich, expressive warmth. Gentle backup is provided by Josephine Marsh (accordion) and Therese McInerney (fiddle). A timely and beautifully executed reminder of styles that developed over the first half of the 20th Century, the CD is simply entitled “Tom Carey” (GL0002).


This is the missing part. I still do not know how it managed to escape. But the software has played a trick on me probably after having done some last editing. I am very sorry about that. I will include it in next CW and we will publish it on the website also.

Do mail me when you find any mistakes. Kind regards


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