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Jacqueline McCarthy at the Button Box Weekend

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I was there! It was wonderful! First cold and rainy a little, was very impressed by seeing lots of locals in t-shirts, tough folks! I was in the Sea Shanties class in the morning, with Bob Webb...wonderful! Very informative, interesting discussion about origin of songs, and he sung and played his McCann duet so beautifully. Afternoon I took Irish tunes for beginners, learned a wonderful slip gig which I'm still practicing. Final class was with Jody Kruskal "masters class". Wonderful assortment of tunes played by a large variety of participants. Jody's an excellent listener, he made very helpful suggestions and managed the overcrowded class extremely well.

The concert in the evening did indeed feature all the teachers, including Jacqueline McCarthy who played very complex tunes and made it look like no effort at all, gorgeous old melodies.

It's worth the price of admission just to hear these artists perform live. It's truly a labor of love for them. They make their concertinas sprout wings and soar.

We're so lucky to have such a Workshop ("we" concertina players) and it was an inspiring weekend! I look forward to the Northeast Squeeze In, in the fall.

Thanks to all who attended (both teachers and learners) for making it a very enjoyable get-together. An opportunity to bring together so many amazing artists and show us beginners what all types of concertinas are capable of in loving hands. Three cheers for the Buttonbox! Bring over Alan Day next year to perform!


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