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First Video with Zoom Q3

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I just got a Zoom Q3 off eBay . It was factory refurbished and cost £145




I've never done anything like home recording on my own so this is a first shot. It's also on the Crabb 40 button I recently got and the 9/8 slip jig is a bit tricky on the unfamiliar button layout .



I found it a very simple device and superbly designed ( so far)..

it's got built in soft ware and a USB is slotted in the device .



It also has an audio only setting and takes a tripod so should be good for sessions.


Thanks to all the advice on other discussions which led me to this model.smile.gif






Any help with the name of the tune? Locally we think it's Wheels of the World but there's a reel by that name too.

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It sounds a bit like the song I'll Tread on the Tail of your Coat too.



I took that one off and put on The Fairies Hornpipe as I've got a bit more familiar with the Zoom. There are quite a few things to think about like angle, lighting, background noise from appliances, people pulling funny faces behind you, embarassing household objects or dirty plates, and Smile!smile.gif


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