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Al the moonlight hopper was surprised (probably relieved!)when I only knew three verses (and forgot half of those) in a Bradfield pub, but it looks like its going to get a revival.. and you can probably make up your own words as the ones I know don't have "My love is drowned in the windy lowlands" (but who am I to winder!)


I discover there is a "dead woman's" version 8 verses




and a dead man's version (And this one nearer my rewrite version)




(I always thought wehen singing I had to pretend be a woman singing about her John drowned at sea... coz traditionally women don't go to sea....(fishing?)to get drowned...

11 verses



but this is all moving too far away from one of my favourite tunes for singing.


Good for tina and melodeon praps as it is so slow!

Watch out for the Glasgie versions:


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