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W Jefferies for sale


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For what it is worth, the hardware on the E# reed assembly appears different than nearly all the other reeds. To me the clamp screws on the E# assembly are more consistent with earlier Jeffries instruments.


So I'd say the presence of the E# was deliberate. Alas, I can't say when or why....



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I see that there are a few of the leather flaps missing in these photos too. Was this a purposeful omission? Were there ever any there to begin with?


David, I'll have to bring this to the post office to have it weighed. I don't have a proper scale here.

Hi Reg,

It is quite usual for no valves to be installed on the high notes. I notice that it has a mix of original (rectangular) and new valves. A number of the new valves have been installed the wrong way round.

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Didn't I read somewhere here that the ones made by the sons were not as good as the C. Jeffries?


"Ones made by the sons" is a broad category. I do not think that all of them should be condemned because of some. I have owned "Jeffries Bros" instruments that were right up there with the quality and sound of "C. Jeffries, Maker" ones. The bad rap for "ones made by the sons" should firmly rest with the "Aldershott Road" instruments from Charles Jeffries, Jr. His clumsy raised-end duets and Anglos, in particular, deserve the scorn. In later years, Thomas Jeffries supposedly cobbled together a few instruments that were "dreadful" (Tommy William's words, I think), though not stamped "Thomas Jeffries." I have only seen information concerning six instruments stamped "William Jeffries" and have only had one (a pretty nice one) in my hands. Some "William Jeffries" instruments(contemporary with or successors to "Jeffries Bros" instruments) may rank down with those of Charles, Jr., or not. To my knowledge the current information on "William Jeffries" instruments is too limited to make any sweeping judgments.

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Just noticed:


Is this the same one?

It must be.

And now sold, for $5000. I wonder if the seller is a collector or a player who thinks that its unusual setup (basically an Ab/Eb 20-button and a Bb/F 20-button combined into one instrument) will work well for their musical needs.

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