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Buskers On The London Underground

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London Undergound has a system of licensed buskers that operate in designated pitches at stations across London. According to the LU website http://tube.tfl.gov.uk/ there are 602 licensed buskers of which 58% are guitarists, 10% violinists, 10% flute or harmonica, 9% saxophone, 6% accordion or keyboard and 2% didgeridoo. The remaining players are banjo, double bass, french horn, harp, tin whistle, bagpipes and a 'human beatbox'(?!).


I use Kings Cross most days of the week and have seen a melodeon player and a PA player who, I swear, was miming to a recording of an irish jig (Drowsy Maggie, I believe). There was also a very annoying twelve year old who used to get on and of the trains and play (badly) a twelve bass PA.


I have yet to see a concertina player.

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Hallo Mark,

I have seen the Melodion player,if it the same one you have seen he plays a C C# box mainly Irish music.The most amazing busker I have stood for about an hour watching, outside Hammersmith Underground was a bongo player his style was unusual in that he played the bongo with the base facing him and the treble away from him.He beat out the base with his thumbs and the rythm with his fingers on the treble.It is hard to explain in writing but I hope you can understand the principal.A very exciting sound.I agree no concertinas.


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I busked on the Metro in my youth - expecting Musette Accordion tunes to be appreciated. I soon found out the youth all wanted Irish and the older French all wanted WW2 songs. I gave in and played what they wanted.

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