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Second Anglo Concertina

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Hello concertinists,


A year ago I bought a metal-ended Marcus G-C anglo. I am very happy with it (or her / him?) and now I am considering to buy a second one. I am however not sure if it is wise to go for a second G-C (wooden ended), or to chose for another pitch combination like D-A, G-D, etc.


Can someone advise me om this? Most of the time I play Irish / English folk solo and every now and than I am joined by a guitarplayer.


Thanks in advance!


Henk van Aalten

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A very good question. I have tended to answer this in the past by buying one and seeing if I had a use for it, relying on the saleability of decent concertinas to be able to recoup my outlay if I didn't like it. I started with C/G and after a few years got a Crabb G/D to see if I had a use or it. Now I have 4 G/D's, I can't get enough of them. But I still have a C/G because they are the ones most used in workshops, and it best suits my singing voice.


Conversely about a year ago I bought a Lachenal Bb/F. That's going up for sale soon because I don't, as it turns out, have a use for it.


So based on my experience I would say try G/D next. But, as our US friends would sya, Your Mileage May Vary.



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One question you need to consider (which you have not answered for us) concerns singing. Do you sing when you play? Would you if you could play in a more convenient key (or range) than your present instrument allows?


When trying out prospective instruments, I'd say you should see if you can sing your favorite songs along with them.

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