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New CD from Sean O'Dwyer.

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Hi Frank

Thanks for the link. I got my copy yesterday from Sean. It's a nice CD with his own style and your concertinas sound very nice on it. He says he's been off the trad scene for 25 years. I know he helped Neil Wayne with contacts in 1973 for what became the 'Clare Set' recordings, and Sean is indeed on the CDs as is his mother Mrs Ella Mae O'Dwyer.



Well worth sending for. I sent a cheque for £12 stirling but contact Sean by email. His address is on Frank's site



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I just returned from a brief trip to Ireland; family business, but I made time to meet with Sean O'Dwyer and Shay Fogarty in Dublin. Both wonderful people and excellent players. We had a few tunes in the back room of O'Donoghue's pub. Sean is a superb player in the older style, especially notable considering that he has come back after a 25 year playing hiatus. Earlier that day I saw him in an old videotape from the late 70s at the Irish Traditional Music Archive--while I was looking for more recordings of his mother, Ellen O'Dwyer--and I can definitely say he is even better now than in his salad days. His CD, by the way, is as impressive as Frank has described (see above post) and well worth a listen.


Sean had earlier written to me that his godmother, in her nineties, recognized most of the people in the cover photograph of volume 1 of my book on the Anglo (see www.angloconcertina.org ), of which I (and the UCD folk archive) knew little. It depicts a potato harvest festival in the village of Athea, in 1911. The details of that story will be in a little article I have prepared for the next PICA.


Shay Fogarty, by the way, has run a mid-day session in O'Donoghues for many years--well worth checking out if you are in Dublin.


I've attached some snapshots of our get-together. Sean is wearing the grey Argyle sweater, Shay has the red shirt, and the other fellow is me. A grand time, followed by a late night visit to a session at the Cobblestone pub...some great musicians in an out-of-the way old-style pub.





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