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Teachers In San Diego California?

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I need to find a teacher, or some form of help. Does anyone know where I can find someone in or about San Diego? I searched the local .net and Telephone directory, but nothing for any kind of Concertina. I am trying to play the English.


Does someone offer a correspondence course? I can picture it now, recording my faulty playing direct to a file on the computer and sending it to concertina_expert.com. How much is a web cam?


Thank you,

Russell Hedges


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You might look up Jim Swope up in Long Beach (try a seach here among members of the new forums and also in the old part of the site, a separate, older, membership file). He plays anglo himself, but a few years back he knew who most of the players around LA were.

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I might put an ad in the paper. The Frank Butler book I wanted is out of print, so I've got a different one coming instead. I am curious to know more about the available books too. All of the workshops I could get to are done for Anglo so I am out of luck on that. I'm thinking of getting a cheap Anglo just so I can go to one of them. I am still at the stage where the instrument marches up and down my thumbs. I compensate for this by employing the death grip with my pinkies. I am looking forward to getting through this stage to the point where I can locate the middle rows of keys with both hands. I am making just enough good noise in with the bad to keep me interested. At least with music festival season coming up there is a chance I can find somebody who can give me some pointers in person.


Best of luck finding an instructor! Please post again about any materials you think could help me and I'll do the same.


Jane Morrison

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