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Harry Cox and John Terry

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Harry Cox was John Terry's great grandfather.


What songs would he have sung to his errant grandson?

Do any of us know John Terry personally? (Would be interesting if we did, eh?) I would expect it be more productive to ask the question of himself, rather than us.


Then you could also ask him whether he still sings some of the old songs when he's out of the public eye/ear.

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I am a poor married man and I am nearbroken hearted,

my wife shes left me and shes gone away.

it happened one day that she and I parted

ill tell you what happened to her the other day.


o women are weak they should mind their possesions

I think what with grief mad me it will send

for shes gone away with a chelsea full back

who goes around

crying let me feel your back end.

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The relationship is disputed on Mudcat but it's still good fun

A-Creepin' and A-Crawlin' is very apt




The tune's a bit like Hares on the Mountain or bits of The Ash Grove or its bawdy relative The Maid of the Montains

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