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Pelican waterproof cases

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Hello, Are there any cons (besides price) to using a Pelican Case to protect my concertina?

Thanks, Mike

I've never seen one, but the one thing to consider with a waterproof case is how air tight is it. Keeping water out is a great thing, but you don't want a constantly damp environment locked in the case either, which seems a possibility in some parts of Alaska at least. If you take the concertina out and play it every day, I can't imagine a problem, but if it sits in a warm place with humidity locked up inside for extended periods, you could end up with mildew and rusting reeds or corrosion of other parts. Plenty of people have had to cope with the problem of trying to fumigate their concertina after it has developed mildew. You also don't want to dry it out too much either, so don't toss in a bag of desiccant with your concertina thinking you will protect it. Concertinas need to be protected from direct moisture, so if you are taking it out to sea in rough weather, a real waterproof case might be a good idea, but under normal circumstances, an ordinary case will do in most climates. If it is too dry ( in winter for example ), you can always put a 35 mm film can with a hole in the end cap and a wet piece of sponge inside to humidify the case when you are not playing. In humid weather, it is better to let the concertina breathe a little.


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The nearest Pelican case is a little small for most concertina. You might get just a 6" concertina in , but certianly not 6 1/8". The catches thing is a good point. I always feel like its me or it when opening a Pelican case. The Stormcases have a release button on the catch, plus they are that little bit bigger.



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It's not necessarily relevant, but Hardigg is now owned by Pelican...add one, though, to the recommendations for the Storm Case, along with Paul, Chris, Thomas Concertinas and various players (I know Micheal O Raghallaigh was considering one a couple of years ago, but I don't know whether he got one). It's not expensive, but it's light, quite tough, waterproof and has a pressure release valve for altitude changes. I still need to block mine, though (I just have it for travel--my instruments stay in their original cases otherwise), since the available cube-perforated foam, while a whole lot better than nothing, still has some disadvantages.



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