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Construction plans/drawings?

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Hey all,

I have purchased a Rochelle and am starting to play it. I have three Chemnitzers and a couple of diatonics that I play now but wanted to try an anglo. (Hence the Rochelle purchase.) I have been wandering the net off and on for the last three days and haven't been able to find any anglo construction plans so I can build my own. Is there somewhere I can buy a set or is there a set online? (Yes I tried the search function but without luck.) I have repaired stringed instruments for many years and carve various items in my woodshop. I would like to try a hand at building a concertina. Any ideas would be gretly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Dave. aka up-fiddler

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I would like to try a hand at building a concertina. Any ideas would be gretly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Dave. aka up-fiddler

I can only second Chris' answer: once you have slipped and come to

the end of the slope, you'll be staring into the black hole of obsession!


Not a bad place to be - though you'll find no drawings!



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Henrik is too modest to draw your attention to the link below his signature, which takes you to a description of how he built his own concertina - and a fine instrument it is too. It might give you some idea of what you're taking on, and how to overcome some of the problems.


One thing to bear in mind is the type of reeds to use. Traditionally-built concertinas use individual concertina reeds which are dovetailed into slots on the reedpan, one on each side (as reeds only work with the airflow in one direction). Many modern instruments are made using accordion reeds, which are cheaper and easier to obtain. These are quite different from concertina reeds, having two reed tongues mounted together in a single metal plate, and therefore need to be mounted differently. You need to be aware of this difference when copying the construction of another concertina.

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Hi Dave


At one time I thought it would be a nice thing to build one from a kit. But even that's not available. Henrik has a nice photo essay like Howard mentioned. Bob Tedrow also has a nice record of how he creates his works of art here:



Good luck!




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Many thanks. These are great places to start. The size of the project intrigues me rather than intimidating me. I have completely rebuilt a lobster boat, carved a violin, built cabinets, and many other projects. I am retired and like to keep very busy. This looks like something that would fit well with my musical addiction and tinkering skillset. Thanks again for all your help. Dave

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Fantastic help from all concerned. You cost me two days as I followed through each link and took copious notes! :) I also bought Elliot's book and it was helpful. I am currently building a laundry room and rewiring the basement for the missus. After that I have a violin that I need to finish/complete. Then it will be time for a concertina. Of course, the research is the at least half the fun for me and occupies my mind in the few idle hours I permit. Thanks again. You've been great help!


PS The Rochelle has been in the house for just over a week and I can play a few jigs on her. My diatonic and my Chemnitzer skills transfer pretty readily. I am enjoying her but the lowest notes are very breathy and the highest notes are quite weak. The middle octave and a couple of steps above and below it is fine though. The tone isn't nearly as rich as my diatonics but the instrument is far cheaper. You gets what you pays for. It will do in the meantime though. BTW - I am retired so projects are my new life.

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