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Marcus D/A Anglo for sale


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Hi Everyone,


I have decided to put my Marcus D/A 30 key Anglo concertina up for sale as I hardly ever play it anymore. It was brand new in March 2008, and I bought it as all the fiddle players in the North East seem to like playing in A major and E major. I also sing in D major, so I used it for accompanying singing. However, I now have a 40 lachenal that I tend to use for everything, and with a new melodeon having just arrived it time this found it's way to someone who will use it.


It's in absolutely perfect condition, apart from a tiny scratch on one metal end, and a couple of scratches in the wood underneath where it's been put down on tables and stages. The black seven fold belows have no wear on them at all. It plays very well, and can be heard at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I4rkWlbt5XI this video was recorded when it was only one month old, but if anything it sounds better now it has been played for two years.


It comes with a brand new Fuselli padded soft case as well. These retail at £1450 now, I'm looking for offers in the region of £1000.


(I really don't want to ebay it if at all possible!)


Email me at p.j.ives@ncl.ac.uk or PM me through here if you're interested.







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