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Dear All,


There has been a 20b George Jones Anglo for sale on ebay that has a sale receipt from 1884. Despite not reaching its reserve value, the owner, Mike Fisher, has very kindly opened the concertina and found that the serial number is 15266.


Hopefully this may be useful for future Jones datings? smile.gif


Best Regards,




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I've just had my Jones 30b C/G apart . Nice steel reeds . It's slower tham my Jeffries and harder work but plays nicely for chords etc I think I'm going to get a couple of reeds altered from the Jones layout, which is the original state. G#,/F to E,/F , B,/D to B,/A on LHS and g#/g to a/g on RHS


No pics yet as I haven't got a digital camera around.

It's serial number 26,975 , about year 1900. They went bust about 1905 I understand.

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Finally got a digital camera! Here are 2 pics.


I think I'll be selling it to go towards the 'new' Crabb 40b in C/G. PM me if you are interested


It looks verylike the one in Dan Worrall's book Vol1 p 266 Fig 10


quote ' This handsome Anglo concertina , built by English maker George Jones , was carried by Seaman William Figg aboard the HMS Royal Oak and HMS Juno in the 1860s.' It's in the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich. The shop on Commercial Road was on the way to the docks and they got a lot of trade from sailors.


Mine was built about 1900. I bought it on eBay and was restored by Bill Crossland. Chrs Algar and Brian Peters have commented on its nice tone and playability. I'm still playing in the bellows but it is a nice concertina with steel reeds.


Serial number 26, 975



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