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Sue W

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Can someone who has experience of Morse and Marcus anglo concertinas give me some idea of how they compare. Mainly thinking of playing English music on a G/D.


I've owned a Marcus anglo and played a friend's Morse a few times. As hybrid concertinas (i.e. with accordion-type reeds) go, both are excellent instruments. I eventually sold the Marcus on when I acquired a Wakker anglo.


Comparing the Marcus and the Morse, I would say that the sound quality is very similar indeed and I would have difficulty distinguishing them in a blind test. The response of both was good, but possibly the Morse was a little quicker in its response. The mechanical quality of build of both instruments is excellent. The overwhelming plus point for the Morse was its lightness; the Marcus was heavier - not by much perhaps but definitely noticeable when you switched from Marcus to Morse.


If I had to buy another hybrid and had only those two to choose from, then much as I like the idea of a concertina built in Wales (which was my home for a few years), my ultimate choice would be the Morse. Sorry Marcus!

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