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Wheatstone Memorial 2010 Mornington Crescent Game

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Damn - see what happens when you go off to work for the day!!

I agree - you must get your sense of priorities right. Would you sell your Jeffries or your firstborn? Rhetorical question I know, firstborn every time, we'd all agree. But in just the same way the Great Game always comes before mere work!


I've consulted my well-thumbed copy of Stovold's and the Frimlington variation is indeed valid. So, congratulations to everyone on one of the most exciting and fast moving Memorial Games we've yet seen. I look forward to next year's game with eagerness, when I shall call upon Simon H to set the special rules and start the game.



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Hugely honoured. The Frimlington variation was actually played from work! Nothing, least of all work, can get in the way of an intensely strategically battled round of the beautiful game. Midge the cat, my musical muse, aids my concentration when playing Mornington Crescent, and the concertina.



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Darn! And I'm still snowed in on the west side of the pond. :huh: The Heathrow connection opening almost worked. Maybe that submarine would have been a better choice on appeal after all.


Thanks :D


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