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Bradfield 2009 and ICA AGM WCCP 2008 Ruishton 2008


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'Come in boat number 99!' ' Hey mate we've only got 70 boats!' 'Are you in trouble boat number 66?'huh.gif

Try boat number 86 .... while I try to earn a crust... :D


There's about 10 up there now - if u ignore the Witney stuff then the rest is new under


insightandmind ---- remember one word



Might get captions up in a week or two... otherwise just look for your face/box or guess who's who...


I have to go out and I may be sometime... then maybe some Swaledale nuggets :) :)


ps has that boat 666 sunk yet? If not, full permission to ram! and don't complain if u are sideways - it;s the music not the musician which is important :ph34r:

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Lots of nice videos Thanks!biggrin.gif

good - just realised we had a scoop with Geoff Crabb playing I'll take you home Kathleen as he says he never plays in public!

That's a favourite of mine (so slow easy to finger) but his interpretation was stunning... and I have him singing at midnight too somewhere....


there is more snow coming in - must go out again for a short time and play the high F# on right hand to see if any rescuers hear us...........

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