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Castagnari Lilly Button Accordion

David Case

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This is now Sold. Thanks for looking.




I am selling my lovely Castagnari Buttonbox.


The Castagnari Lilly is a two row D/G button accordion with 21 treble buttons and 8 bass buttons. The Lilly has a single reed per note and has a powerful concertina like tone. Walnut finish. Includes strap and case. The Lilly is one of Castagnari's best sellers.


This buttonbox is approximately 4 years old and is in excellent condition.


Price: $900


See Pictures Here

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I am located in Alexandria, Virginia where I build custom acoustic guitars and hammered dulcimers under the name of Alexandria Woods.


I posted the pictures of the buttonbox under my hammered dulcimer website for convenience sake.


Kindest regards,


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Thanks David

I was going to suggest I pop on by to check out the Lily

I decided to pass...

I am 50 miles from the Pacific Ocean


The instrument appears to be in excellent and rarely played or "kindly" played condition.. is this so?



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The instrument has been kindly played and very well taken care of. I appreciate a fine instrument (hence my passion for the luthier profession). I just find myself with 2 more buttonboxes than I can play at any one time. I also have a Tommy and a Mory.




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I too have had a Mory (GC)  , a Hascy (GC),  a Melodeon ©, a Tommy (GC)


all pre recent downgraded models....    was looking for a D/G....




Hi-- I am thining of buying a Hascy, also G/C, like yours, and changing some notes in the G row to make it like a B/C. Are you happy with yours? Is the stepped keyboard a disadvantage, do you think?

Please email to me direct, if you would, at david@dlevine.net.

Thanks so much.


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