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Bellows work of yesteryear


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MF269 1936 Concertina Solo - A Salvation Medley

MF292 1940 Concertina Solo - Glory to God in the Highest

MF292 1940 Concertina Solo - Sweet & Low



I didn't spot much in terms of bellows work. So much has been said that bellows work is akin to Violin bow, but as far as I can hear, there is none of such in above recordings. Was it because they just tried to be heard or it was common technique of the day? Was it because they tried to emulate church organ?

I'm learning some Carols at the moment and to me they sound mpressively on EC if sound is not forced.

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So much has been said that bellows work is akin to Violin bow

I've always been interested in this view but my impression is that this is not thought to be the case now.....based on postings on this site and having read Alan Atlas's book.

Also.............and this again is my impression now I come to think of it..............any discussion about bellows control and violin bowing has usually ( I think ) been applied to english concertina not duets, as these recordings are. But if it is a spurious teaching method ( re.Alsepti & his "Bowing Valves"), it's all moot anyway.

I tried to bring some old threads up because this is a much debated\discussed topic and relates to your post but the search feature is inadequate.

Regards Robin

PS I liked your Bach piece very much.

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Bellows control is important.

Some, but not all violin bowing can be copied effectively on both Duet and English.

In my opinion the important thing is to experiment with the bellows,for example if the player was playing a waltz,it might be better to change bellows on the first beat of the bar, or one might feel it was more effective to follow violin bowing, it is really a matter of personal preference.

changing direction on the first beat of the bar in Waltzes, will give you the correct Waltz emphasis, but could also become over predictable.

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Wheatstones instructions for the English concertina, by Alfred Edwards, has markings above the music,which look like bellows suggestions.

I have another old tutor, that too has music markings for bellows, this book contains lot of Hornpipes.

most of the bellows markings for these Hornpipes, mark bellows changes on the first and third beats, with occasional groups of four played one three,it is similiar to violin bowing.

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