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Hi, all -


I have done a small make-over on my (building - again, pun intended) site:


The update means general cosmetics and adding content to the last step [28]

= a couple of photos - springs and spring winder, a YouTube video.

Also revived step [11], the Flash animation of the action.

It hadn't worked for a long time... fair enough, since the file wasn't on the server. It is now.


It is reached with link in my signature.



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Reminds me of the bit on QI this week, about the tiny compasses which were hidden in the buttons of greatcoats sent to British POWs during the 2nd world war.


First they made them so the button-tops unscrewed with an ordinary screw thread, but the guards got wise to that.


So they then started making them with a reverse thread, until the guards got wise to that.


After that, as someone pointed out on the programme, the next logical step is you make them do they don't unscrew at all!


Nobody will ever detect them ... but there is a slight problem with that approach ...

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Couldn't get it to work.

The animation on step [11]?


Hmm - peculiar. I just now made a small correction to it (the link to the last step [28] wasn't active.)

The Flash file is, on purpose, published so it's several versions old, not demanding the latest Flash player. But since everyone is watching YouTube, they will have the latest...


But I do react to the fact that everything seems to go very slow here today...


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