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Suttner Anglo For Sale


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Sad to see it go but my wife says it is going to pay for the front porch renovation :( I bought this from another registered c.net member by the name of Clinton Lofgren. It is #186. He said that is was about a year old when he got it so the born on date is around summer of 2002. I have played it quite a bit and is just starting to break in. Bellows are flat black and 7 fold. They have good support yet relatively flexible for shakes. I was surprised at how fast I could play extended ornaments on this. Fingering is precise and tone quick to respond.

Reed tone has mellowed some and by no means brash or piercing but still need to be played in. The reed expression is just beginning to be flexible with some persuasion. The low B, and A, are still a little slow so I have been playing every tune I know that utilizes them.

If held the extra weight is obvious but when I set it down on my knee and play....the weight is not a factor for speed or fatigue.

The main 30b layout is Jeffies type with right hand accidental row c#/c#, d#/eb and left hand G row with low A, on the bottom. Duplication of the obvious most played notes(in opposite bellows direction) is covered by the extended notes. Mostly for chord enhancement. ie, low Bb, F#, E, Eb, F, etc.

E-mail for pic/s or if you have any further questions.


Price is $4,100(certified cashiers checque) which includes post for US lower 48. Buyer pays insurance.

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No, she meant sell it! I have two other anglos and she remembers my stable of motorcycles before I finally quit riding. I think she invisions a room full of these things ....and quite frankly...so do I but reality says that isn't going to happen.

I like playing these new ones because it helps to build the strength in my shoulders and fingers.

I shall miss it but I'm sure I will be able to sneak another purchase when I have saved up enough money again.

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Hello to you Daniel,


I sold that one. That was a 31b with black wooden ends. This one is metal ended with 38 buttons.

It's the same quality of instrument. Even with the metal ends it has a nice mellow sound. Even tone and volume and a great balance between the low notes which makes it perfect for vamping drones and chords along with melody (Noel Style).

Going to midwest NHICS again? It's only about 2/3miles from the Cinci airport.

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Yes, the thought has crossed my mind from time to time over the last 14years but it had nothing to do with having to sell a concertina. It would be a different story if it was the only one (tina) that I had. Thank goodness I don't have to consider such a drastic measure.

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