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Help needed!


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One blurry photo of one of the fretwork ends isn't really enough to make a positive identification one way or the other. There are a number of other things particularly the reeds, but also the action and other aspects of the manufacture which would give clues or confirmation.


The fretwork you show is superficially like a typical 30 button Jeffries, but there are a few of the Jeffries fretwork characteristics missing and some of the detailing of the curls are certainly not typical of the Jeffries within my experience. My experience is limited, but I'd say some of those characteristics lead me to be suspicious and I'd want to take a more detailed look - or consult one of the recognised experts


Alex West

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I'm by no means the most knowledgable person here about this sort of thing, but since no one else has commented, here are a few thoughts:


If it doesn't have a Jeffries stamp, I don't think that it can be considered a Jeffries.


Crabb concertinas look a lot like Jeffries (in fact, Crabb probably was using that general design before Jeffries), and it's not unusual for older Crabbs to have no maker's mark. You might consider contacting Geoff Crabb (he's a c.net member) and asking him if it looks like a Crabb to him.


It's also possible that it was made by someone like Shakespeare or an even smaller maker copying the Jeffries overall look.


Some would say that a more important question would be how well it plays.


Hope that helps...




Thanks for taking the time Alex, ive added some more phone I hope they help.


Plus if anybody else could help me identfy it id be very greatful.




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