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Teachers In New York

Guest Margaret Moreland

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Guest Margaret Moreland

Can anyone suggest a teacher for the 20 button anglo concertina in the Westchester/Putnam county area? I would even travel further north - but would rather not go into NYC.


Thanks - my email is mmoreland@law.pace.edu


Margaret Moreland

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Henk van Aalten once supplied this link of performers registered in some database. I eventually downloaded it into MS Excel so I could sort it and see what was there. I'm attaching the excel file, if that's a permitted file type. It reveals 4 or 5 players in Connecticut, all about an hour to 90 minutes from you. That's a bit much, but maybe some of them know teachers closer to you.


Unfortunately, the link does not discriminate among types of concertina.


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Unfortunately, the link does not discriminate among types of concertina.


.. Ken Sweeney - English, but also harmonica. Bright man. Could probably help with the 20-button if he wanted to.

.. Dave Paton - English, and probably too distant.

.... I don't know the others in CT. Maybe you could Google their names and find out more.


New York

.. Jody Kruskal - Great anglo player. Though I don't know that he "stoops" to the 20-button in his own playing, he could probably teach you things, if he was willing. I believe he used to also have an upstate address... maybe still does?

.. Jim Norman - English, as I recall. Played (plays?) for Morris team in Greenwich, CT. Seems to me they had a couple of members trying the anglo some time back. Still there? I'm not sure.

.... The others listed in NY are too far away.


I'm know for a fact that there are many others not on that list, in your area and northern NJ, though the ones I can think of off hand are all English players.


But an important question is, what kind of music do you want to play? Irish? Morris? Song accompaniment? Many players who do Irish can't do the others, and vice versa.

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