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Tedrow Baritone, Eight Sided To Be Sold


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Offer for sale my Tedrow Barfitone 30 keys, black wood, beautiful and strong sound.


As new, little used, purchased about a year ago, together with box.


US$ 1.500,--, postage included everywhere.


For more information see Bob TEdrow´s page or ask me for more information and/or fotographs.


My e-mail address : Joaychim Delp@aol.com

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Offer for sale my Tedrow Barfitone 30  keys

My e-mail address : Joaychim Delp@aol.com

I have expressed an interest in this instrument, but to be fair to everyone else, I give here Joachim's correct email address (typos will happen):

.... e-mail address: JoachimDelp@aol.com

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I am almost 100% sure that it is Joachim's baritone (played by Bob Tedrow) that can be heard at that page.

I wish I could hear it. I get a message that I'm missing a software component that is required for playing this, but in typical Microsoft fashion, I'm not told which software component I'm missing. :(

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Try right-clicking on the file and select "save link target as". This will download the file to your machine where your machine will play it with the default player.

Thanks. I had already tried that, and it failed.

And I had the same problem with a copy that Henk kindly sent me.


But Henk's copy had an .mpg extension, yet he said it was mp3, and that gave me an idea.

I simply changed the extension to .mp3, and it played just fine. :)

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I do not wish to sell my Baritone anymore.

Now, when my C/G Anglo has been sold, and I play the >Baritone more than before, I am diswcovering it. It is beautiful and I shall stay with it.

Luckily there have anywy not been offers fo it.

I imaigned it form beginning, but also I am surprised.

Sjhall start a new topioc about tjhis.


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