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old leather square case


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old leather case wanted for large concertina.

Its 71/2 inches across flats

81/2 inches end to end and,

81/2 across the top from edge of thumbstrap to other edge of thumbstrap.

not bothered how beaten up it is.am happy to mend,stitch and glue!

kind regards,


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Here is someone who can make you a new one: David May

Very nice, but very expensive!



Very nice


Very cheap

hold the bellows tight with a quick release medical tourniquet



wrap in a (usually) free, soft, two handled cloth bag (the 'for life' type) with cloth handles uppermost to whip it out at mo's notice(at the checkout when u are short of cash, as the ticket inspector approaches and u are on the earlier train...)


And place it in your leather (even better, embroidered/ woven tapestry with zip lid vanity case /overnight) case (with carrying handle and shoulder strap) .





These are good; and this one's cheap: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/retro-80s-constellation-tapestry-look-vanity-case_W0QQitemZ220536215608QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUK_Tickets_Travel_Luggage_CA?hash=item3358fb9838

When you see what takes your fancy ask seller the inner dimensions. You will find little competition for these cases so take your time. Watch for high postage on low cost 99p items.


They usually have spare pockets good for screwdriver, safety pin (spring), spare straps, alcopops, anything for the weekend ...). Trad concertina cases have none of these.


And they normally have a lock that works AND a key....... Double zip ones take a small padlock.


I never had a bad one....


Also it won't get mixed up with all the anonymous black boxes which lie round all over the place at a session; you can see the thief walking out the door with yours... :)


Or you can make your own like this fellah:




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