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Concertina Pictures

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Wonderful photos, Lester!
I'm very curious about the underground dancing- what is Wookey Hole and why do they dance there?

All ther is to know about Wookey cves can be found here. We were dancing their as part of our annual weekend away. It was a spooky place to dance but the acoustics were truly wonderful.

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Have a look at these accordeon players :lol:  :lol:  :lol: !

(Sorry, could not find a similar picture with concertina-players)

Well, that looks like a case of ordinary theft, though maybe using two accordions makes it extraordinary.

Concertinas are used only for "petty larceny" (small theft).

Can you guess what they use to commit "grand larceny"? ;)

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Hi Friends,

I was very pleased to see the wonderful photos and took me back to the 1930's when my father and I were members of the Bolton English Concertina Band. Father took me to see the Four Fair Quartet several times. They were very good performers. JOHN NIXON.

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