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Stagi Hayden Duet 46 For Sale


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Almost new condition. Played for less than four hours total. I am a guitar player and just never got into playing it.


Purchase price was $1,000; I am asking $800. One metal pin for one of the leather handle straps is broken, as shown, circled, in one of the pictures. I never did get the hang of how to use the hand straps.


Please reply to this ad or call 607.277.7991 (USA). I can pay for shipping in the US lower 48 states. After reading the scam warnings at the top of this forum I looked into escrow.com, which seems like a good solution for both sellers and buyers.


Holy-moly Queej,

Let me know if you get any takers! I bought a Stagi Hayden for much less, in near pristine condition! The only way I could tell mine wasn't brandy-new was the bellows were no longer stiff! (Actually the best of both worlds, new looking and no "muscle-building", breaking the new bellows in.) Being an old Anglo player, I found adding the Hayden to my repetiore MUCH easier than (re)learning the McCann system. I LOVE my Hayden! ~Happy-Hayden in Michigan~

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Does anyone have an estimate on what I should be asking for this? I'd be happy to sell it for whatever price is considered fair. (I want to buy a cigar box resonator guitar.)

Well, Button Box has three used Stagi Haydens for sale right now, ranging in price from $750 to $925. They don't need repair and they come with a two-week full-price return policy and a three-month warranty from a shop with an excellent reputation. So that's your competition...and your instrument needs repair, your return policy is unknown, and I doubt that you offer a warranty. You also suggest using an escrow service, which is a hassle that wouldn't be necessary with a Button Box purchase.


I've only once seen a Stagi Hayden on eBay. It was several years ago and I don't recall the selling price. The last one listed here, so far as I can tell, was this listing from Wim Wakker of Concertina Connection about two years ago. He was asking $570 (and it looks like he got it) for an instrument that seemed very good: "The instrument is in new condition. A well known German bandoneon maker recently installed key bushings and re-tuned the instrument." And of course Wim is a dealer and builder with a great reputation of his own.

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