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Concertina Repair Workshop added for Southeast Tionól

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We are very pleased to have Greg Jowaisas joining us for the 2010 Southeastern Tionól held in Atlanta Georgia. Greg is a valuable resource to the U.S. concertina community as a repair person, case builder and dealer for vintage instruments. He does my tuning, and has built a wonderful double case that travels with me everywhere my concertinas go. Greg will be presenting a workshop within the workshop so to speak. His focus will be on common repairs, and emergency fixes such as replacing a pad, replacing a valve, a spring, and a look at how to identify problems with bushings binding a key. Greg will have instruments to sell, and it is a great opportunity to get a step up from your basic learner instruments if desired. Greg will also be representing Carroll Concertinas, and anyone wishing to try and see one of these fine concertinas may arrange to do so. His workshop will happen in the afternoon on Saturday of the Tionól, before our dinner break and concert. There is no additional cost to attend this event if you are registered for classes. What a great deal for 100 dollars. You get concertina instruction from Florence Fahy Saturday morning, and afternoon. A concertina repair workshop with Greg Jowaisas on Saturday late afternoon, followed by our recital of tutors. Sunday morning another class with Florence Fahy.

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