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Heptatonic Scales for English Concertina


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Hello everybody!,


I uploaded a file on this link:




Here you are one spreadsheet file I spent some time doing. To open it you need to have OpenOffice, this is a program that is free to download from internet. You must download the file into your computer, because it is an interactive file, if you just open it will be a read-only file.


In this file you can have diagrams for all the heptatonic scales.


First you have to enter which scales you want to see, for this you have to go to the page called Set Up and type the scale in the box where is indicated.


As you can see in this first page you have already listed the following scales: Major, Minor, Dorian, Mixolydian and Phrygian.


Once you enter the scale you can have automatically the following information in the other pages:


- Cover page.


- Summary: Table showing all the notes for each key, number of notes that are in both sides, number of alterations and total number of buttons.


- And then 12 pages, one for each key, with a diagram showing all the notes of the english concertina, where all notes that belong to the key explained are highlighted. Each octave is in a different color.


All the pages but the first one are ready for printing. The first page is only for setting up all the other pages.


More scales can be added to the list, for that you have to go to the Set Up page and type the new scale in the lines that are left in blank in the table with all the scales. For this you have to explain the 7 intervals of the scale (2 is for tone and 1 for semitone). This file is only for heptatonic scales, for example the pentatonic scale used in blues cannot be added.


I hope this can be of some use to you. This file is open to be changed, if anyone has ideas to improve it please tell me or you can change it yourself. If you spot any mistake please tell me and I will correct it.


All the best!



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