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A second sample of my Music


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Thanks everybody again for their remarks (I have some homework to do the coming weeks!). Before replying I have to stress that in these three videos I just wanted the English to be played with more energy and drive, less legato and slurred as usual, and to give the music an Irish feel to it. So the energy part is somewhat accentuated.


Mark: Ooops I think I have to carefully reconsider my rhythm on Polkas and Hornpipes. Strangely enough nobody ever said something about it before (perhaps they didn't listen carefully). It could be that my foot tapping along with the music (here added to give more drive) should be omitted or changed. The effect is much less when you tap with your toes instead of your heel (which I am doing now). Also the position of the concertina on your leg/knee will make a difference (on the tip of your knee or more towards yourself). I am afraid that when I was visiting Simon Thoumire this October the one thing he said was that I should not tap my feet......

Concerning my relentless playing; part of it comes from what I was about to demonstrate when I was making these videos (mentioned above), but part of it comes from what I like myself. I think if played again now I would be somewhat less relentless, but these nice little melodies need power and drive as well (at least that is what I like in them). This said I also like to play reels and jigs (depending on which ones) slow, and when so relentless is out of the question in my book. I heard you and ratface play wonderfully but it will never be my way/style of playing (not on the dance music anyway) and that's no criticism but just different taste and approach.


Dick: I think I will have to do a workshop foot tapping, or totally quit tapping with my foot. I will give this rhythm thing of me some thoughts and discuss with others around here. Anyway there is no need to use half of your reply to excuse yourself for something I asked for :D. So you sold your Jeffries :( , no regrets?


''Boney'': Thanks.


Jeff: Thanks as well.

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Oh yes, there are times when I'd love to have it back, sometimes when I'm gasping along on my little old wooden ended Lachenal.


But I'm also getting so much fun from my EC Wheatstones, so no regrets really.


Also, I know the Jeffries is now in a much better place.




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