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Miss Hamilton

michael sam wild

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This is the first crack at YouTube . I'm playing with my pal guitarist Mike Lydiat. This is the only surviving tune known to have been composed by Cornelius Lyons , Irish Harper C17th

More tunes to come. It's in D on Jeffries C/G 26 button Anglo




More info at




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Ta' muchly for the tune. I've to learn to play this - not at the session, the boys probably wouldn't allow me!-.


Changing subject, is funny how most times the real person face doesn't seem to match the idea you have from the forum :lol: but indeed it's the only way to meet people from distant countries...


Again, thanks for this lovely tune.





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Aw shucks folks! :rolleyes: Thanks for the encouragement. Now I've got access to the gear and a bit more confidence I'll do some more with Mike L. he's a great guitarist and has set a lot of Carolan's tunes in tab and on YouTube..

Doc's workshop



We both came to Sheffield from Manchester across the Pennines and met through school teaching and have played together for years and been in Sheffield City Morris and at pub sessions , now we do a Sunday lunchtime session at the Red Deer in Sheffield.


i'd like to try a few solo pieces of tunes I really like . I think my 70th birthday present is going to help (I've dropped enough hints!) Another year coming up, another challenge.

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