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Jeffries and Connor Anglo Concertinas for sale, UK


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I have a 20 key Bb/f Rosewood(brazillian) Jeffries circa 1870. Despite the limited number of buttons, this is an outstanding box and I have enjoyed singing with it for the last year or so. Dave Prebble did an amazing job of the restoration on this one - it sounds sublime, very fast and with that characteristic rasp. It also has a brand new set of Dave Leese seven fold bellows to make the most of it as a singing instrument. It has half size reed pans and space on the fretwork which COULD accomodate extra buttons. I love this box and it is a very reluctant sale, but needs must. A chance to buy a rare and lovely instrument. Due to an immediate cash flow crisis I am open to any offers above £1000 - again, prefer to ship inside the UK and meeting in person for items of this value is preferred.


Any questions please ask and I will endeavour to pass photographs on to any interested parties. This is a superb box, but I am not playing it enough at the moment.


c.net donations if sold here.

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Hi, I would be very interested in playing the Connor if you are not too far distant, as I am currently looking for a nice G/D, the current Lachenal being much loved but somewhat slow at times. I am in Leicestershire but travel about quite a lot. Photos also appreciated, Mike

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I've played both of these instruments. I was impressed with both.


I wish I could afford the Connor, but at themoment I cannot. I can vouch for the Jeffries as I played this at Dave's just after he had finished restoring it!



Dear All,

I seem to have come to this thread a bit late............I presume that the Connor refered to is now an ex-sale item.......it is no more........???







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