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Wheatstone Price List From 1947

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I'm selling the concertina on ebay but thought someone might find this info interesting -  or is there another place to put it?

I think if we could see what it is, one or more of us might like to buy it. :)

how do I get a photo from My Pics to here?

... 1) Must be 120k or smaller. Do you need help making it small enough?

... 2) Can't Preview Post after attaching it, or it disappears.


I look forward to seeing it.

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I'm selling the concertina on ebay but thought someone might find this info interesting...

Here -- I hope -- is the first of Mike's two pictures. Next post should include the other one.


...or is there another place to put it?

While I'm probably one of several people who would be delighted to have the original -- IF you don't intend to keep it, -- I can think of equally deserving places.


The ICA Archive, for one. Or the personal collection of Wes Williams or Robert Gaskins. Wherever it does end up, I hope that copies will be made available to Robert so that he can include the images with those of other price lists on his Maccann-duet website, which includes many historical documents not directly related to the Maccann duet.


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Mike and Jim,


Many thanks for posting this. Its quite valuable historically, as its the first I think I've seen that actually confirms beyond doubt that Wheatstone used Stanhope Place as a factory at the same time as West St in the late 1940s. I've only managed to tease that out previously by combining quite a few bits and pieces from widely differing sources (See Concertina Timeline). So a nice scan would be very useful for the ICA archive, please.


I suspect that Bob Gaskins would agree that neither of us have 'personal' collections, but more that we try to get scans of anything that could be of value to present and future historians. The scanned price lists on Bob's site (also in the ICA Archive) were all kindly loaned by Chris Algar, who has picked them up over many years of trading. These things are quite rare, as they were often thrown away, and its only when you can put a bunch together that 'lost' facts start to become clear.


best wishes ..wes

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