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Suttner A2 - Jeffries Type Anglo For Sale


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I am selling my Suttner. I received the concertina in May of 2009, so it's roughly 6 months old. I have hardly touched it due a heavy work schedule, so it's in brand new condition. It's a beautiful instrument.



-Standard C/G Jeffries layout with C/C drone

-German silver ends, raised

-Red/Maroon leather bellows, Jeffries bellows paper

-Black case

-No 4 year wait

-Serial #433


Please feel free to contact me and if you would like me to show you the instrument on skype or play it for you I can do that. I check my internet frequently during the day so I will get back to you asap. I will upload pictures tonight. If sold on here will give the usual donation to the site of course.






Neil don't want to waste your time. What's the asking price.

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