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Jazz Tune Id Needed Please


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This is perhaps a bit of a long shot on this forum but on the other hand, I bet there are a lot of light jazz fans out there.


I'm looking for the name and details of this tune, please. I've known it for years - it used to be the sort of tune that came on the television in the 1960s and 1970s to accompany the ticking clock face whilst waiting for the next programme to start. If you're old enough, you'll know the sort of thing I mean.


I've tried to transcribe it into ABC as best I can, although I've not tried to notate the easy jazz swing of the dotted notes. My ABC player makes it sound too strict and march-like. I've put it in the key of Am for ease of transcription, but I don't know what the original would have been. This is only the A-music too, there is a B-music which I've not attempted to transcribe. The other feature of this tune was the wonderful descending walking double-bass pizzicato on the A-music.


Does it ring any bells with anyone please? I'll try over at melodeon.net too.





X:1 Unknown jazz tune

T:Unknown jazz tune fragment

T:Can anyone identify this please?




P:Easy swing tempo

E | A>B c>d e a2 e | f2 g>e-e3 E| A>B c>d e a2 e |^d>=d c>A B e2 E |

A>B c>d e a2 e | f2 g>e-e3 e|(3^d=dc d>c e e2 A- |A6-A :||

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