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My third c'tina lesson book


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I just wanted to say, for all you beginners who perhaps think you've hit a plateau... I think one of the solutions is to get a beginners book from someone new. It allows you to approach it a slightly different way than perhaps you're used to, and it's exciting, suddenly you have a breakthrough and can progress a little further. This happened to me. I started with Mel Bay's Deluxe C'tina Book by Frank Converse which is wonderful! But after a while, when I could play all my favorite tunes in it, I didn't really know what to do next. Then a friend gave me Absolute Beginners C'tina by Mick Bramich and that was really cool, and it explained it from a totally different angle, and I surged ahead and was learning new songs. Then I stagnated again, but I've just recently acquired Frank Edgley's The Anglo C'tina tutor book, and it's wonderful! Once again, taught slightly differently, I'm off running, learning new songs, learning a new way to play them! So, I would warmly recommend this to all beginners, just keep trying different beginner books because each one has something unique to teach.

(I don't know if there are a lot of "intermediate" books, my impression is...there are beginners and then advanced, and not much inbetween...don't know what I'll do when I get there)

What I really love about Frank Edgley's Anglo tutor is 1. he's found an easy way to teach those of us who don't yet know how to read notes, do to so!, and it's amazingly painless! And let me tell you, I'm a really slow learner at this, so this is an amazing breakthrough for me. 2. he gives you an invaluable chart matching the buttons with the notes you'll see in printed music, not just the alphabet letter. Before, most of my lesson books just took the easy approach of assigning your fingers numbers. This really helps getting you started if you know absolutely nothing about music (which I did), but later, it's a handicap to rely solely on "tablature".

I also really am enjoying Frank Edgley's CD "Bridges", very pretty music!

Just wanted to suggest, if any of you are beginners and bogged down... try another person's learning book, and definitely include Frank Edgley's in the list! I'm playing lovely songs which I would have thought were too far above my level.

Good luck


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I went through something similar, although 13 or 14 years ago there were fewer books around. Paul had just started this web site and described how he began (IIRC) with Betram Levy's book and then went on to Mick Bramich's Irish Concertina book (all these are on anglo). So I tried these also. It did open new possibilities and jog my learning.



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I went through the same process for Anglo and also found John William's DVD helpful. I think the world is ready for equivalent tutor books for English and Duet concertinas.


Excellent post Priscilla!


I have been switching around too, for chord charts particularly (and some tunes), between Mike Bramich's and one from the West Country Concertina Players, Ins and OUts of the Anglo Concertina (which members get, but it is not for sale directly) and Bob Kail's "The best concertina method - yet!". Though I found the latter a little short in the introductory section so I put it back on the shelf, but looking again at some of the initial simple toons in it, perhaps I should follow your lead and revisit.


I thought I was doing the wrong thing flitting about, as one comes across views about one way being better for beginners than another, so your experience is reassuring. I will have to start saving up for Frank Edgeley's as it would no doubt also get hit by import VAT, a postal admin charge for collecting the VAT plus the delivery cost from over the pond might push up its price to around $50 or $60 US...

I also need to revisit (aurally!) Alan Day's tutor which works by ear not sight!



tks again!

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