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Lost or Stolen 17 October 2009 in Sheffield UK.


48 key Wheatstone English

Serial Number 9199



Sylviane 0775 7243960.


Or Sheffield Police.


A lovely looking box. for pics go to the Facebook "Stolen Instruments" Group.

(I ought to know how to do a link at this point, but, I'm a computer numpty, Irene??!)


And while I'm on. Even if you good people don't do the social networking sites as a rule. It's worth joining Facebook just for this group alone. It's not a chat room, just a place for anyone to post pictures of Lost/Stolen instruments, so the more people who join the better. (Oh and it's not just confined to instruments, anything musical, .... Have you had your van with all your PA nicked?...That sort of thing)


Talking of pictures. If it's a sunny day today, and you haven't already done it. Dust off your trusty digital camera, and take lots and lots of photos. Serial numbers, distinguishing features, even the PA and the van!!


Thanks for your attention, and let us hope that this lady is re-united with her tina soon.




PS...Still looking for my Maple Fylde 1974 vintage, Tommy Peoples wants his fiddle back, and Ed Rennie is still got one eye out for his Erica melodeon.!!!


(Blimey, Just managed to upload a picture, astonishing!.Even more detailed ones on the Facebook page!)

Edited by Ralph Jordan
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Since Ralphie asked the link to the Stolen Instrument Gallery on Facebook is



It's probable that it will only allow you access if you are already a member of Facebook, but as far as I'm aware it always prompts you to join if you aren't already signed up. As Ralphie said, it's a worthwhile group to join. And while we're on the subject of photos, make sure you back them up in several places. No good having just one photo on your laptop if it's going to die on you :(

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Ah ... I see that Ralphie (and now me) has duplicated ... there was already a posting up (thought I remembered advising someone recently to go to the Facebook group) from sheepplayer about this item ....apologies for the duplication ... but maybe that gives it twice the chance?

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Maybe there is a need for this forum to have its own lost/stolen tina thread?

Don't know how to set it up, and hopefully it would never be used. But, if anyone is going to catch sight of a stolen concertina, they'll probably be here!

It occurs to me that maybe details also ought to be on the Buy/Sell thread?

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