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Morris Dance Music

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> Would some of you Morris Dance folks be kind

>enough to recommend some recordings,

> preferably with Anglo?


William Kimber's "Absolutely Classic" is the ... well, the classic, with a good collection of tunes, although most are played way faster than most dance traditions allow.


"Over the Water" is a modern CD featuring Jim Morrison on fiddle and Tom Kurskal on Anglo. Both are consummate Morris musicians, the people I strive hardest to emulate. Another 30 years of playing, and I should get there.


Also, they did a vinyl (remember vinyl?) record years ago called Round POund Relics that includes fine playing on a few Morris tunes. It's not available on CD, though.


John Kirkpatrick's Plain Capers is also excellent.


I'm sure there are others, but these are the ones in my CD rack.


Jim Besser, Bluemont Morris

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Would some of you Morris Dance folks be kind enough to recommend some recordings, preferably with Anglo?


Thanks, Mark



My original introduction to the concertina was through a Bertram Levy and Frank Ferrel concert at the Victoria Folk Music Society. Afterward, I bought a vinyl featuring Frank and Bertram, called "Sageflower Suite". Bertram Levy put out another LP with Peter Ostroushko: "First Generation, Music for Concertina and Mandolin".


Later, when I was invited to play for one of the local Morris sides, I bought "The Art of William Kimber". A quote from the LP: "His sense of rhythm, his wonderful natural abililty to find the right chord, and the proper use of the bellows will all be appreciated as you listen to this record." Recently, I found a CD collection of William Kimber: "The Art of William Kimber".


I also learned from my "Morris On" LP and "Son of Morris On" tape. Later, I learned additional Anglo techniques from John Kirkpatrick CDs, including: "Plain Capers", "Force of Habit", and "A Short History of John Kirkpatrick". He also plays some Anglo on his Brass Monkey CDs.


Another very interesting source I have recently discovered is Magpie Lane, with Andy Turner playing the anglo concertina. In my collection the CDs include: "Jack in the Green", "Wassail! A Country Christmas", "A Taste of Ale", "Six for Gold", and the "The Oxford Ramble". You can learn a lot about song accompaniment from Andy. Good for after Morris parties.



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The William Kimber CD is great, but I've had a hard time figuring out just exactly what he's doing. . . he has his own style and it's wonderful but isn't easy to learn by ear, at least for me.


Lester Bailey, another cnet member, has a wonderful double CD with lots of dance length Morris tunes from different traditions. Go here to check it out Lester's Webpage

They are played on a melodeon, but I've found it extremely helpful. The tunes and accompaniment are nice and clear.


What side do you play for? What traditions do you do?


I dance with Highland Mary here in coastal Maine. We dance Bampton, Fieldtown, Bleddington and some Adderbury. I have just started playing a few tunes for the team.

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What side do you play for? What traditions do you do?



Molly and I play for a Border Morris side - the Not For Joes. We dance out and do Mummer's plays with a women's side - "Island Thyme Morris". Island Thyme does North West and Cotswold


Early on Mayday morning (5:30), we go down to Clover Point to welcome the May. We are joined by a third local side, Hollytree Morris (mostly Cotswold). We set up a Maypole with circular rings of green leaves, and dance, with a stunning background of the Juan de Fuca Strait and the Olympic Mountains.


Come and join us sometime!



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Sounds like a fabulous way to welcome the May!


We go up on Beech Hill here in mid-coast Maine to dance the sun up. It looks out over the Atlantic (Penobscot Bay to be exact) and is absolutely breathtaking. Then it's off to town for a BIG breakfast!

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