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Do new gussets always mean new bellows papers?!

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Hi All!


I've been fixing up concertinas for a few years now. When I get an instrument that needs at least one new 'gusset' on the bellows, I always remove all the bellows papers and replace with new ones. The downside of this is that it seems to take forever to remove the old papers totally and the water can 'compromise' the old bellows.


Several of the instruments I have been restoring have had up to 3 layers of bellows papers attached! This has made me think that perhaps in future I should just replace faulty gussets and repaper the bellows over existing papers to provide a consistant match (rather than trying to remove everything).


Also, If the damage to a gusset was not that severe would you try to repair from the inside?


What do you all do?!


Many thanks in advance as always!



Dave Helmore

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