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Looking for a 55 Key Crane

Mad Man Zak

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Welcome to the Crane club, Zak. I'm pretty new at it also but there are some wise sages to be found on c.net. Of course, you need to tell us a bit about your instrument and post pictures.


As with many things concertina, cost = (buttons * age * brand * material) / (weight * condition) or some such nonsense. 55 key cranes aren't as rare as the larger ones. You might check with Chris Algar about the relative price of a 55 vs 48.


Do a thread search here on c.net, too, to get others opinions on 55 vs 48 key cranes. I'm finding that, as a beginner, I'm not using those extra keys much. Now on my 69-key, I'm quite fond of the LOWER notes.


Good luck on your musical journey! :D

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