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The Elephant & the Crane - Lewes 17 October

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Hi all :rolleyes:


Andrew 'Crane Driver' McKay and 'Sussex' Carole Etherton will be at the Lewes Saturday Folk Club in the Elephant and Castle on Saturday 17 October 2009. Starts at 8:00-ish.


A selection of trad-style songs mostly accompanied on Crane Duet concertina.


Hope to meet some squeezer-geezers (and geezettes) there - do please introduce yourselves.


If you come up to me at the interval and say 'You are Crane Driver and I claim my prize' . . .

you will probably get stared at in a most disturbing manner. :blink:



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may I add, the week following there will be a baritone Aeola, Jeffries anlgos, maybe a baritone anglo and a couple of melodeons at the same venue. I am still to much of a novice to give one of my cranes a public outing!. Have a good one. Mikea

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