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Buffering Music Downloads - Help !

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Hi to all.


Living in a somewhat rural location I am unable to get a broadband connection and am stuck with a 56k Modem link for the foreseeable future.


One most annoying aspect of this is encountered when trying to listen to music clips such as those generously shared by members of this forum.

The modem is far too slow to play the tracks as a continuous stream and stops playing half a dozen of more times in a tune in order to buffer the next section.


I would have thought that there would be some simple software package available that can download and buffer the whole file before starting to play it, thus resulting in an unbroken music stream.


Does anyone out there know of such software or know of any other 'dodges' to achieve the same result ?


Help and advice would be much appreciated





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The simplest approach (assuming a PC with Internet Explorer) is to click the link to the sound file with the right mouse button, and choose "Save Target As", and save the sound file to your hard drive before you try and open the copy you have saved locally - this removes your audio software from the equation until you actually try and listen to the file in its entirety.


Hope this helps,



edited to make more sense!

Edited by stuart estell
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Hi Stuart & Dave,


Thank you very much for your help Gentlemen.


Stuart's suggestion works a treat.


Though I am sure that the software suggested by Dave is OK, I am a little wary of download accelerators and since Stuarts suggestion seems to do the trick for me I shall pass for the time being.

The last one I tried invited spyware, malware, spam, popups ........ in fact I think, everything short of the plague, into my computer and it took a hammer, chisel and blowtorch to un-install it!


Thanks again for your help



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