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Wanted: 56 - 58 Key Ebony Ended Wheatstone Aeola Duet

Joe Holloway

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After a fair bit of research and some helpful suggestions by some ppl.


I'm looking for a future instrument. Possibly a project instrument.


A Wheatstone Aeola 56 or 58 key Duet with the low C on the right hand and the Octave overlap.

Ebony ended with Brass Reed Shoes and bushed buttons, preferably metal.


I don't really care about the condition of the instrument, only that the fundamental stuff like the reeds and the wood are structurally in tact. It can need new pads, bellows the whole works. It may need the kind of work that only love can provide, as after restoration, it would have to be prised from my cold dead hands :)


To restate my intention, I'm looking for an instrument I intend to play frequently, not for investment or resale purposes.


If you know the whereabouts of such an instrument, please don't hesitate to drop me a message.






PS: The neighbours don't hate me... Yet... Perhaps another polka ? ;)

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with the low C on the right hand


Presuming you mean Maccann, as those are standard Maccann sizes, that would be the 58 key (57 sounding keys plus air button) then. Standard pattern 56 key (55 sounding keys plus air button) Maccanns do not have the low C (and not all the 58s). Whilst these were originally marketed as 56 and 58, normally they are called 55 and 57 these days.


From experience, I can say that it can take a while to find a 57-key Wheatstone Maccann, without also requiring it to be Aeola and ebony ended, so you might have some wait. Boxes with numbers of keys in the 60s are a bit more commonly for sale. On the other hand, there have been quite a few Maccanns put up for sale over the last year or two that didn't sell, at least not at the first attempt, so maybe there are a few still waiting for a customer.

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my first post here:


I've recently discovered a 57 button Wheatstone MacCann duet (no. 31473) in Australia that probably hasn't been played for the last 50 years or so, and I'll be selling it 'as is'. If people are interested in it I'll put some photos and a description up on this forum.


cheers, Ian

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