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Yes, of course, Al, I ate the bunny. I did it, I did it.


Yum, the bunny was delicious. I ate the ears first.

I just came across a comic that reminded me of this thread.

Click here to see the strip, but the right comic appeared April 1, 2007, so if you're viewing this on a later date, to get the right strip

  1. if "today" is before April 15, 2007, you'll have to select the right date from the dropdown "Select another date" list, then click on the red "go" arrow,
  2. or if it's later than that, you'll need to go to this web site and subscribe to their service to get archived strips.

(While I could just post a copy of the strip here, that would be a violation of copyright, and 'm not willing to do that.)


Anyone who's wondering what this is all about should start back at posts #17 and #24 in this thread... and also note Animaterra's avatar.


Hmm. Or was it in this other thread that it all started?

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